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Water & Sanitation

SDG 6 commits the world community to a global effort to provide universal access to equitable, safe and affordable drinking water by 2030.

Despite strenuous global efforts and billions of dollars in resources, more than 2.6 billion people globally lack access to water or sanitation. 10 years ago, the figure stood at 2.5 million. The situation has therefore only got worse.

The situation in water-scarce countries is exacerbated by the dwindling supply of water and increased demand on account of higher population growth rates and economic development. There has been significant government and donor- funding in these sectors and in many cases the results have been below expectation.

For example a recent report by the European Union Court of Auditors revealed that the majority of the water and sanitation projects funded by the European Union (EU) in six African countries are not sustainable. The projects represent an investment of over 400 million euro and total EU spending on water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa over a 10 year period amounts to over 1 billion euro.

In Africa the private sector is the provider of last resort of Water and Sanitation. Small-scale water vendors are often the only option in peri-urban communities.

In Africa the private sector is the provider of last resort of Water and Sanitation. Small-scale water vendors are often the only option in peri-urban communities. At Captiva Africa LLC we work with clients in the public, private and development sectors on engagements that seek to answer the following:

  • How can we improve collaboration amongst the private, public and social sectors?
  • How can funds be allocated to the highest impact sectors?
  • What strategies should organizations in the development sector adopt for more effectiveness and efficiency?
  • How can impact and effectiveness of activities in the sector be assessed?
  • What communication strategies should be adopted to ensure that knowledge, experiences and lessons learned are disseminated amongst the various sector players?

We work with clients to:

Support Businesses in Water and Sanitation

Captiva Africa LLC

Captiva Africa LLC provides a broad range of business development support services to SMEs in the water and sanitation sector in Africa. Our teams of Business Development Advisors work with the clients to diagnose their most pressing needs for business development support. We then develop and implement tailored business development support programs for each client that would comprise such advisory services as strategic planning, innovation, access to emerging technologies, growth and organization development.

In many cases the initial objective of the business support engagements has been to make the businesses investment- ready and more attractive to prospective investors and funders. The ultimate objective is to assist the businesses in these early-stage sectors to attain sustainability and expand into successful and iconic private sector ventures.

Localize Value Creation

Captiva Africa LLC

We have partnered with clients in the development sector to create and develop local markets in sanitation as part of market-based initiatives in the sector. In a recent engagement in Eastern Uganda, we have partnered with a multinational development agency in WASH to train masons in building cost-effective modular latrines, trained marketers within the communities to market the latrines and assisted community- based microfinance institutions develop bespoke financial products to enable households finance the purchase of latrines.

Identify Investment Opportunities

Captiva Africa LLC

We help conduct technology and opportunity assessments for investors and businesses looking to diversify into the water sector. And provide guidance on developing and executing entry strategies, exploiting opportunities, and scaling up the operations. For one client in East Africa, we recently designed a strategy for diversifying from sanitation to the BOP segment of water. We offer similar services to investors interested in extracting value from waste.

Assess and Realize the Potential in Waste Reuse

Captiva Africa LLC

We work with local authorities and entrepreneurs to identify opportunities for private public partnerships in fecal waste management and reuse. We leverage our experience and local knowledge in the sector to provide insights into the performance of legacy and emerging waste management technologies, scan for investment opportunities and guide entrepreneurs in developing innovative business models therefrom. For one multinational client; we have recently carried out an investment opportunity scan and feasibility assessments for setting up a plant for recycling of fecal sludge into solid bio-fuels in Kenya. The engagement involved amongst other things assessment of opportunities for private public private partnerships with local utilities.

Craft and Implement Innovative Business Models

Captiva Africa LLC

We help entrepreneurs craft and implement innovative business models based on emerging technologies and opportunities for the BOP segments of water and sanitation. For one client in West Africa, we assisted in crafting and implementing business model for household sanitation the waste water treatment and recycling segment of sanitation. We have also designed a franchising model for a client’s mobile sanitation business, based on the ecosystem of local vendors to enable the client efficiently expand their channel distribution.