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Our People

Within Captiva our clients have access to a team of highly committed and skilled professionals who have built distinctive careers in their respective areas of expertise.

Our team comprises individuals from a wide variety of exceptional backgrounds.

They hold academic qualifications across a range of disciplines, from finance, accounting, sales and marketing and economics to industrial psychology, architecture, media and journalism; and Industrial art in 3D Digital Animation.

We value and utilize the unique talents that each of us offers.

Our teams often consist of graduates with inquiring minds working alongside seasoned specialists with years of experience. Although our Business Development Managers (BDMs) develop deep knowledge in particular sectors and functions, we encourage them to remain generalists at heart. They are curious about relevant business issues and proactively share their ideas and experiences.

Regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds, Captiva staff share a common passion for intellectual curiosity and a drive to make significant impact in our focus sectors.

Our People’s Perspectives

Joan Jane Nasaba Noah

Client Relationships

On the SAAB project I have come to appreciate that in relationships, there are no companies or businesses, just people. Business is all about individuals and their interrelationships. There’s no such thing as a self-sustaining business.


At Captiva we are not evaluated on the basis of age, experience or seniority. It is all about ideas, ability to think critically and come up with innovative solutions to clients’ problems. Every day I am exposed to varied ideas and get equal opportunity to contribute on different issues.


Many of our clients are in early stage sectors. We therefore have more latitude in constantly asking “why?” “Why not?’ “What if?” This capacity to ask provocative questions enables us try out things we are not ready to do. And every time we try out new things, we build the skills.