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About Us

Captiva Africa LLC is a management consulting firm with a focus on international development. A major source of social unrest across Africa is the unequal access to resources, opportunities and outcomes.

This disrupts the lives of millions of people as well as the environment in which businesses operate. Our international development practice is the lever with which we seek to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged populations in Africa.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task. We work with clients in public, private and social sectors to apply our capabilities, expertise, and innovative methods to achieve lasting impact. We seek to make a difference by helping clients in our areas of focus solve development challenges and transform lives of the most vulnerable.

Captiva Africa LLC helps clients turn ideas into impact and achieve better outcomes for the targeted populations. We use a proactive approach that ensures we are part of the client’s team rather than consultants looking in from the outside. Even as we partner with clients to help them think differently to realize their visions, we encourage them to consider us as an extension of their teams instead of viewing us as a vendor.

More and more players in international development have questioned the effectiveness of donor support in catalysing growth and improving outcomes. There has been increased need to demonstrate value for money and this has in turn enhanced the complexity of the challenges of international development.

At Captiva Africa LLC, we pride ourselves in being an African organisation that truly understands the needs of the continent and who are committed to partnering with our clients to effect change.

At Captiva Africa LLC, we pride ourselves in being an African organisation that truly understands the needs of the continent and who are committed to partnering with our clients to effect change. That our roots are in Africa enables us better understand the needs of the countries in which we operate and how to provide solutions to improving livelihoods.

Our teams of professionals bring local perspectives, and innovative solutions in helping government and development partners design and implement development programs that deliver results. Our team’s expertise spans multiple sectors including Global Health, Water & Sanitation (WASH), Clean Energy and Private Sector Development.

Client Service

We work with clients across the private, public and social sectors to address their most critical challenges and to identify high impact opportunities in our focus sectors. As an aggressive and agile firm, we believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients.

At Captiva Africa LLC we are committed to making an impact that matters through the following client divisions:

Private Sector Development in such early stage sectors as Water & Sanitation (WASH) and Clean Energy where we provide market development services and Global Health where we focus on health systems strengthening.

Our client service for Private Sector Development comprises advisory services in the following categories:

A significant proportion of our work has involved helping clients in market development for products that target populations at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP).

Our client service in Global Health and Health Systems Strengthening comprises the following

Our Philosophy

Our client relationship management philosophy is simple: establish partnerships, provide responsive service, understand client goals, apply intelligent solutions, identify industry trends, treat clients with respect and be proactive.

Rather than considering Captiva as a vendor of services, we ask that our clients view us as an extension of their teams. At Captiva Africa LLC, we never forget that responsive service, personal attention, and applied intelligence are the keys to successful and mutually rewarding client relationships. This is the foundation of our business. The strengths that distinguish Captiva Africa LLC include:

  • Our quest for lasting partnerships with our clients,
  • Our focused and evolving service offerings
  • A learning culture and a highly dynamic and committed team of professionals,
  • Expertise in market-based solutions for populations at base of the economic pyramid (BOP),
  • A proven and experienced management team and
  • Our commitment to the long- term development of our employees.

By enhancing our expertise and capabilities in business development support services we are better equipped to help our clients move forward in transforming their objectives into reality.

As a private company with a public health practice, Captiva Africa LLC adapts private sector tools and approaches to help clients in strengthening public health systems.

Our approach is anchored on each country’s context and emphasizes a systematic, evidence-based approach designed to bring about marked improvements in:

  • Health outcomes for individuals and populations, particularly among the poor
  • Social responsiveness and accountability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of systems and processes of care

Through continuous  improvement and close, supportive relationships with a country’s Ministry of Health, partners and other entities in the sector we help build institutional, programmatic, and financial management capacities for a high-performing health sector.

We do this by assisting clients streamline public financial management, optimize funding mechanisms for participating countries, implement performance-based management approaches; professionalize and strengthen the management of procurement, logistics and supply chain.

The nature of our involvement varies by project, and invariably includes creating tangible results at both national and local levels, developing capabilities for principal and sub-recipients of grants and improving the effectiveness of established health entities. For example we may partner with funding agencies to provide technical assistance to civil society as well as the country MoH that focuses on a country’s priorities and maximizes the effectiveness of a nation’s resources.

Captiva Africa LLC has offices in Nairobi Kenya and Kampala Uganda. Our engagements across Africa have included projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, Southern Sudan, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Eritrea, and Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire