Global Public Health


The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals recognise health as a foundation for social and economic development and political security.

The SDGs call for a shift from an exclusive focus on ending preventable maternal, new-born and child deaths to also ensuring health and well-being for all and reducing inequalities in health. At Captiva Africa LLC we recognise that strong, flexible and well-resourced health systems are essential to achieving universal access to healthcare.

We recognize that strong, flexible and well-resourced health systems are essential to achieving universal access to healthcare

In this regard; we help funding agencies, governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies to address the most urgent challenges in order to improve health outcomes for the people in greatest need. We are proud that our work is helping partners save and improve millions of lives in Africa by helping to:

  • Improve maternal and child health
  • Increase routine immunization rates
  • Eliminate TB, polio, HIV and other infectious diseases
  • Eliminate malaria

What We Do

Captiva Africa LLC
Captiva Africa LLC helps clients strengthen the performance of the six key planks in health systems: Service Delivery, health workforce, strategic information, commodities, health financing, and leadership and governance.

We work with clients in Global Public Health to strengthen health systems in order to improve equity, access, and health outcomes for disadvantaged populations. We help clients strengthen national health systems, shape health policy and strategy goals, and scale up interventions to reach target populations effectively. Our work in health systems strengthening focuses on the following areas:

Through our regional and cross-country collaborations Captiva Africa LLC is able to structure multi-discipline teams of consultants who are best-fit for each engagement. Our teaming network includes professionals with public financial management, supply chain management, monitoring and evaluation, and healthcare experience; ranging from qualified medical doctors with a background in patient care or research, to a master’s degree or doctorate in medicine or life sciences.