Captiva Africa LLC

Mission and Values

Our Vision
To be a leading provider of management consultancy services in Africa
Our Mission
To make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged populations in Africa by partnering with clients on the frontlines of development to turn ideas into impact by providing management consulting services through a highly committed and skilled team of professionals.

Our Core Values of people, clients, innovation, learning and passion have shaped the culture and defined the character of Captiva Africa LLC. They guide our decision making process and the way we interact with clients and with each other.


Captiva Africa LLC

We respect the individual’s talents, beliefs, ideas and desire for personal growth. We deal with our clients and colleagues with consideration and in an open and honest way. We seek to attract and retain superior talent. And reward based on performance.

At Captiva Africa LLC we encourage ideas from any source and everyone has a right to be listened to. We strive to create a collaborative and mutually supportive environment where everyone is treated in a manner that reflects Captiva’s values.


Captiva Africa LLC

This means creating long term partnerships with clients by being responsive, relevant and delivering more value than expected. Our decisions are taken with the client in focus. It does not mean doing whatever the client asks. Team Captiva Africa LLC fully appreciates the challenges our clients face and feel privileged to share in their achievements. We appreciate our clients’ knowledge and experience. We expect our people to spend our clients’ resources as if our own resources were at stake.


Captiva Africa LLC

We strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity in everything we do. We demonstrate this by sharing knowledge and information through team work and continuously challenging and asking “why?” We believe that our reputation lies in the collective skills and creativity of the Captiva team. We will persistently create better ways of doing the things that we do.


Captiva Africa LLC

At Captiva Africa LLC, we believe in knowledge-based service and appreciate that service without knowledge is dangerous. We acquire and apply new ideas, skills, and knowledge and deepen our commitment to excellence in serving our clients. We build on our accomplishments to be the best we can be and set new standards in our industry. In our quest for excellence we demand more of ourselves than our clients do.

The Captiva team takes responsibility for and commits to learn from our mistakes


Captiva Africa LLC

This means commitment to whatever we set out to do and seek to have fun while at it. We are a spontaneous and light-hearted fun loving team of professionals. We are more than a team. We meet regularly outside the office and make sure that having fun is not accidental. Some of the best ideas and solutions to clients’ problems have transpired during these occasions.