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Clean Energy

Approximately 590 million people in Africa live with no connection to their national electric grid.

This off-grid population most of which is in the rural areas presents a significant market opportunity for entrepreneurs in the energy sector. While governments can create enabling business climate for large utilities through effective policies and incentives, grid extension in rural areas has not been cost effective. In any case the large utilities only account for less than 40% of the demand for electricity. 

It is therefore the small stand-alone renewable technologies that meet the energy needs of rural communities more effectively. To scale up and become self-sustaining and successful, energy businesses need to overcome various internal and systemic barriers. For example they need access to such enabling resources as technology, skills, funding and network for delivery of their products and services. Captiva Africa LLC’s team of multi-skilled business development managers and consultants works with select entrepreneurs and stakeholders to address the internal and systemic barriers at both sector and firm level.