Captiva Africa LLC

Client Service

We combine our experience in the private sector with our local knowledge of the development terrain to help clients enhance their effectiveness in the causes they support.

Captiva Africa LLC partners with clients to position sustainability as key to long-term success and impact in the development sectors. We help organizations address development challenges in Africa by leveraging their assets and capabilities to apply innovative approaches in their quest to achieve positive economic and social impact.

Our teams often consist of graduates with inquiring minds working alongside seasoned specialists with years of experience. Although our Business Development Advisors (BDAs) develop deep knowledge in particular sectors and functions, we encourage them to remain generalists at heart. They are curious about relevant business issues and proactively share their ideas and experiences.

Regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds, Captiva staff share a common passion for intellectual curiosity and a drive to make significant impact in our focus sectors.

Our Changing Firm

As part of our ongoing evolution, Captiva Africa is pleased to announce the launch of our new website following the announcement of the upcoming change to our staff a few months ago.

  This is part of the changes we are making to our visual identity to better express who we are and what we do today. And part of the evolution of the Captiva Africa brand which has been on different dimensions. For example more than half of our work for clients now was not offered at Captiva Africa just five years ago.

Our goal with this new website is to reflect the personality of Captiva Africa and to make the user experience as simple as possible. As an emerging leader in international development advisory services, it is important that we make information regarding our thought leadership, services and trends easily accessible for our clients.

The new site features a modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to information. Red still features prominently, symbolizing the constancy of Captiva Africa’s mission and our creative as well as private sector DNA. 

"Delivering solutions around complex challenges in international development and helping transform the lives of the most vulnerable is in itself a complex message to communicate. Our new website is helping to articulate what we do; how we do it; and the value which we can bring to our Partners and Clients. Excellent work from Zainab, Allan, Jane and Kenoobi Creative ".

Frederick Murunga, Captiva Africa, Managing Director

Captiva Africa’s aim is to deploy a unique value proposition and consistent client experience on whatever platform they choose to interact with us. “Our core values will always remain the same but we needed to better define who we are in a simple statement,” says Zainab Mutesi “But this is not just about a new website.  It’s about updating how we communicate, so we can engage with our partners more effectively as we continue to evolve.”

“We view every client and project as a partnership and wanted to reflect that throughout the site. We think the new website aligns with our firm’s vision for growth and expansion. It portrays our clarity of thought and our ability to cut through and deliver what really matters,” 

Sustainable Business Advisory Services Lead David Ngigi

Everything from the conceptual ideals to the vast detail, is aimed at helping our clients and potential clients. The website is a portrayal of us as a firm and it contains us. We will continue to update the content with helpful information, articles, company announcements and client successes.  If you have feedback on your user experience please drop us an email

Featured Sectors
With focus on Water and Sanitation, Clean Energy and Global Health, we serve clients in the private, public and social sectors through two key overlapping business units: Sustainable Business Advisory Services and Health Systems Strengthening.
We do consider engagements in other high impact sectors when this is a natural progression from ongoing projects in our target sectors. We have helped clients address pressing issues in our focus sectors by advising on strategy, involvement of the private sector, organizational reforms, and creating efficient and inclusive markets.