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Public Relations

At Captiva Public Relations, we know how reporters and producers think and what they want. Our rapport with the media and our understanding of it is such that virtually all our key staff engage in media relations for the benefit of our clients.

We have three key service offerings under the Captiva Public Relations:

Best Practice

At Captiva PR we begin each campaign with a strategic analysis of clients’ business goals. These goals are translated into measurable PR goals. We then develop a strategic campaign that works directly towards these goals.

However, in implementing a campaign Captiva goes to the widest possible media audience to reach more of our client's target audience. We do that by going beyond Tier One media to identifying Tier Two media. Tier Two publications are publications that your target audience may read.

Since not all of your target audience will read Tier One publications the day, week, month, or quarter that your information is published, reaching Tier Two media gives you a stronger chance of reaching your target markets.

Appropriately modifying the communications for Tier Two media is an effective strategy that helps our client's key messages gain broader exposure and greater influence.

Throughout your campaign Captiva Communications shall provide ongoing media relations. We have built rapport with key influencers in a variety of publications, websites, television programs, radio programs, and financial institutions in East Africa. Thus, we have already opened the door to pitch your company's products, announcements, and services.

General Outline of Captiva PR Campaign Process


First the Captiva team carries out a communications audit to determine client goals, strengths, weaknesses and issues. This allows us to effectively target audiences, constituents and stakeholders


We then assist the client prepare a year-long plan of action defining goals and establishing timetables based on a mutually agreed upon customized public relations campaign brief.


The annual plan is where necessary reconfigured and integrated with client’s overall marketing communications plan.


We identify the key messaging opportunities over the planning period and match these to the most appropriate communication platform to reach the target audience.


Captiva establishes an interactive client communications process according to each client’s preference, to ensure full understanding and knowledge of program activities


We provide comprehensive activity reports to the client on a scheduled basis.


We conduct regular creative sessions to keep the PR program fresh and innovative


We periodically meet with the client to evaluate and fine-tune the plan


To ensure a comfortable working relationship and continued client satisfaction, Captiva carries out quarterly client perception survey.