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Public Private Partnerships

Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) have become an attractive means of enabling development of such high impact sectors as water, sanitation, transport and energy through partnerships between government and the private sector.

PPPs combine the skills and resources of both the public and private sectors through sharing of risks and responsibilities. They enable governments to benefit from the expertise of the private sector and allow them to focus instead on policy, planning and regulation by letting the private sector take charge of the day to day operations for the select projects.

Captiva Africa works with PPP partnerships to ensure that they are anchored in well-defined development goals and that roles and risk allocation between the participating private sector and public partners are clearly defined. In particular Captiva Africa will provide consultancy services in the following areas with regard to the implementation of PPP in our focus sectors:

Our team of consultants draws inspiration from our on-going advisory role in the implementation of a PPP in the water and sanitation sector in Kenya and Uganda. We have come to appreciate that the foundation of a successful PPP lies in a well-drafted PPP agreement based on the respective country laws and international best practices.