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Our Brand

Captiva Africa is built around three core assets: Our People, Our Processes and Our Brand.

We are more than a company. We are a brand that promises great value to our clients. Whether it is advising a local fashion house in transitioning to a global player at the New York Fashion Week or assisting a multinational beer brand launch in the local market or advising a start-up in the Energy sector in setting up a solid bio-fuel business in Kenya, clients are always at the heart of Captiva Africa.

Our brand seeks to convey our marketing DNA and heritage, as well as our emerging role in assisting create efficient markets in our focus sectors. Prior to the launch of Captiva Africa, we have gone through an identity-phase as we transitioned from a full service marketing communications agency under the legacy Captiva Communications to a full-effect business development advisory firm.

This step change in the development of Captiva Africa is guiding us in providing differentiated business advisory services anchored on our mission to help make the private sector the driver for development in the region. Our brand promise involves our commitment to build lasting relationships with our clients by seeking to deliver great value. All the time. It is anchored on our constant drive for quality and passion for seeking new business solutions to complex scenarios.

The essence of Captiva Africa is to develop and help implement solutions that are tailored to each of our client’s situation.