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Life at Captiva Africa

At Captiva we are more than a team. We are passionate about delivering value to our clients and equally important having fun while at it.

You will find that we are a light-hearted lively team where individuals take personal initiative and responsibility to make Captiva a fun and comfortable environment to work in. We interact regularly outside the office environment and some of our more productive sessions have been during such occasions.


At Captiva, we take active interest in your personal development. Learning is one of our core values. If you join Captiva you will benefit from structured training programs that are based on continuous self-appraisals and intended to help you develop as a professional.

The training content is skill-based such as “preparation of business plans for informal entrepreneurs” sector-based such as water or sanitation. For example during the 2011/2012 planning period Captiva staff have averaged 5 weeks of formal training.

We will also encourage you to participate in a range of learning opportunities that target your personal interests and development goals. Ultimately at Captiva the best training happens within the multi-displinary teams when you work with colleagues from different backgrounds and experience. We do not work in functional silos nor are the teams permanent.

Working in Teams

Most engagements at Captiva are project- based and executed by a team of multi-displinary professionals. This will allow you to work on a variety of assignments across sectors in teams with different blends of people, expertise and backgrounds.

Where applicable, you will receive coaching from your team in the course of the assignment. On the job training combined with the exposure to diverse management and sector issues will enable you grow faster at Captiva than most environments in industry.

Captiva Business Development Managers (BDMs) are expected if not obligated to express dissent if you do not agree or believe that a decision may not be in the best interests of the client or Captiva. In any case, in our open culture where everyone has a right to be listened to, we encourage our people to share their views if even these run contra to those of the senior most people in the team.