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Captiva Africa is one of the fastest growing business development support firms in Eastern and Central Africa.

This rapid growth requires that we attract exceptional people. We are therefore always on the lookout for high achievers from universities around the globe. And before you send us an email expressing interest to join us, we suggest that you assess and confirm that this is the career path that will allow you to make the most of your aptitude, strengths and interests.

We have two categories of applicants at Captiva Africa: Students and Experienced Professionals.

Students are those pursuing a bachelor's, master's, law, doctorate, medical, MBA, or other advanced degree.
Experienced professionals on the other hand will ordinarily have already had their degree and gained some work experience.


We invite applicants from all backgrounds. You may have a degree in engineering, law, accounting, industrial psychology, architecture or Multi-media art. Such are the diverse backgrounds of the colleagues you will find at Captiva Africa.

Our only requirement is that you are intellectually curious, and are ready to face the challenges of seeking answers to clients’ problems even when there are no obvious solutions.

Do you have a Captiva-ready CV?
The key areas we will look at are level of education, your achievements to date and the scale of those achievements. We will be more interested in the impact you have made in your previous roles.

In the event that you are a fresh graduate or still a student, then we will be looking for demonstrable leadership qualities, sense of initiative and remarkable commitment.

Generally you should include in your CV only items that will allow us understand the strengths that you bring to the team. It will also be useful if you indicate in your application if you are responding to a specific opening we have advertised or making a routine enquiry.

Interviewing at Captiva Africa

During the interview process at Captiva Africa we seek to assess your ability to communicate effectively, present yourself with tact and vigour and persuasiveness.

We will look for creativity, analytical skills, your writing abilities, and intellectual curiosity. We will also assess how it would be like to work with you on day to day basis or be away with you for a week or more on a client assignment.

Our interviews comprise four different segments. In the first segment we will assess your writing skills by asking you to draft a brief essay on a topic of your choice out of three options. In the second segment, you will be required to make a presentation on a case study for which we would have asked you to prepare in advance.

The third phase of the interviews will be a dialogue during which we will get to know you personally, learn more about your analytical abilities and introduce you to our work. In the final phase of the dialogue, you get to ask questions about Captiva Africa.

Generally, we expect and encourage that you prepare adequately to enable you put your best foot forward.

Captiva Africa is an equal opportunity employer. Should you be interested in exploring a career opportunity with us please drop us an email with your CV at