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Most SMEs are founded on an entrepreneurial culture for which innovation is the anchor to their business models.

One of the key roles in our focus sectors at Captiva Africa is to help clients innovate across products, services, processes, and business models. We are currently working with clients to build repeatable and scalable processes that are necessary for breakthrough innovation.

We help entrepreneurs address the following issues with respect to innovation:

At Captiva Africa we have recently focused on helping our anchor clients craft and execute innovative business models in our focus sectors. We are now shifting to working with these and new clients to create strategic and sustainable long-term approaches to renewal across services, products and internal processes.

For example under the Sanitation as a Business (SAAB) program in Uganda or the IFC’s Safe Water and Sanitation for All (SSAWA) program in Kenya, we are working with entrepreneurs to enable them reap the benefits of “open innovation,” by positioning them to look beyond their own boundaries to gain access to ideas, knowledge, and emerging technologies in water and sanitation. We have assisted them design and implement organization structures that will allow them execute business plans that incorporate such emerging technologies and products as the Gulper or reuse of waste to solid bio-fuels.

Our approach at Captiva Africa is to first assist clients decide on where to focus the innovation. And then work with them to identify the more urgent needs that their customers would like addressed before helping them create and test the product or service idea. We seek to help the client transform big ideas or concepts at R&D level into small commercial offering within the most optimal time, scalability and replicability will then be a natural progression.