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Digital Marketing

Consumer behavior in East Africa, as it is for most of the world has shifted significantly in recent years in response to the increased use of digital devices such as mobile phones, and digital platforms such as the Internet.

At Captiva we envisage that this dramatic increase in intensity with which consumers use digital devices and the Internet is going to be further catalyzed by the increased usage of smart phones and the ongoing roll out of 3G and 4G networks in the East African region.

While search engines continue to be the leading way consumers access online content, the use of social networks – Facebook and Twitter in particular -is growing. As consumers spend more time on them, decisions about what to purchase often reflect interactions with friends and other influencers. This shift presents a number of challenges to marketers.

At Captiva Africa we appreciate that our clients will need to do more outside the confines of the traditional marketing. We work with our client marketers to help them adapt their strategies to reach increasingly networked consumers for whom such tactics as word-of-mouth (viral marketing) and storytelling (blogging) are more effective than the traditional push advertising.

The services we provide under the Captiva Digital Marketing include the following: